My Brother Mike
A film that will touch your soul.  A family that will touch your heart.

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SAMSA Voice Award Honorable Mention 2011
Featured Film at NAMI California Conference 2011
Featured Film at 42nd National Mental Health and Addictins Conference 2012




My Brother Mike

The Award Winning Documentary of Pianist and Songwriter Michael Sheridan

Music - Mental illness - Family Compassion

A truly compelling story of Mike’s struggles with Bipolar disorder.

Mike is an amazing pianist, songwriter, and lovable guy and

his lyrics give us insight into his world.”

Carol Williamson Santa Cruz County NAMI President

The DVD "My Brother Mike" captures the courage of those

who battle mental disorders and the bittersweet moments

that all of us feel when a loved one becomes ill. It's a wonderful

tribute to Michael, his musical talents, and to his parents

and siblings who love him….  I highly recommend it.” 

Pete Earley, mental health advocate and bestselling author of CRAZY: A Father's Search Through America's Mental Health Madness


Michael Sheridan Michael Sheridan Michael Sheridan


  "My Brother Mike," an award-winning documentary about the power of music and a loving family coping with mental illness. Mike dreamed of becoming a rock 'n' roll star, but mental illness came between him and his dream. His sister Lisa feared his lifetime of music would be lost forever and set out to capture his energetic piano playing and original Boogie Woggie blues/rock songs with her home video camera.  

    Captivating interviews with  family members, footage of Mike in recording sessions  and playing for Alzheimer’s patients are joyful, funny and moving.  What began as an archival project became an inspiring feature documentary, an album (Tuesday Side of The Street), and a loving tribute to Michael, his parents and his siblings who care for him.

What people who saw the movie have written us

...we are so grateful, thank you!

I was fortunate enough be at the NAMI California Conference in Sacramento this past weekend for your showing of this exquisite film. I was moved to tears many times especially as Mike witnessed, maybe for the first time, all that he has accomplished in his life. Mike and your family will be treasured and kept in my heart always.  - Merry


I saw the movie and your Q&A last night in San Rafael.  That was a great event all around!  I am writing because of something your brother said in the Q&A.  It was so profound, I feel like it needs to be repeated over and over.  Last night, the majority of questions were based on people trying to figure out the cause of mental illness: drugs, genetics etc.  And, I too have questioned the cause for a long time.  After so many of these questions, your brother said something like: people spend so much time trying to figure out the cause, they forget to spend time embracing their new relationship.  

Maybe it is easy for him to say because Mike has been in a good, stable state for a while.  And maybe your brother also struggled with this question for decades.  But his remarks and view on mental illness had a great impact on the way I will continue my relationship with my sister-in-law.  Thank you!  Jason

I attended your film My Brother Mike at the Rafael Theater last evening. I thanked you then for the courage your family displayed in making this film. As Tai said, you can feel very vulnerable seeing your family’s story told on screen. But, you did it anyway… for Michael and for all families

But, your vulnerability is a gift too. It opens us all up to the peace that can result from accepting all of our challenges with love. Your film showed that a family’s love and fortitude can accept the reality of a family member’s mental illness with grace. Michael seemed very content with his life. No doubt the chaos is also a part of the swirl ~ especially with his children to care for ~ but acceptance helps us all be the best we can be.

 I left the film with Michael’s music playing in my car all the way home. I came to work listening to the rest and giving thanks for showing us an example of how family love helped Michael achieve his dream of being known and appreciated for his raw and enthusiastic boogie woogie blues! Rock on!I will remember you and your gift of a film for a long time. Lisa, you are one incredible filmmaker with a kind soul. I enjoyed your gentle questions that brought Michael out and helped us get a sense of his creativity and genuine passion for life. The “Sheridan factor” (ie. storytelling with love) helps give me courage to face my own family’s challenges with compassion. I feel freer to be with what is.

Please accept my love and gratitude and thank your family for me.

Sincerely, Maureen

It was a great joy to see Michael playing and singing on the big screen. The film was a dignified and touching tribute to Mike, his life and piano playing and song writing, and to Lisa's love of him. It also was a tribute to their wonderful family and how it has loved and cared for Mike and each other. The film  can offer great hope and information to many people and families who's lives have been touched by similar difficulties. Way to go Lisa!

Adam, Woodside, Ca.

Hi Lisa,

Wow! I loved your film and I felt so moved and touched by all the work and beauty that you put into it. Thank you. It came at a really perfect time for me. Many of my clients have bipolar, schizophrenia, anxiety, depression, anxiety, etc…and I have been feeling forgetful of all the huge and amazing steps they are taking and instead focusing on all of the little issues or walls that have come up. I was able to be reminded of all the great things that they are all doing and bring more compassion and love and less “get to work” attitude…so thank you very much. I realize now that if my focus is on all the holes, I tend to fall in myself…oops. I can’t wait to listen to Michaels’ CD and share it with all of my piano/blues/bipolar friends and family!!

Great Work!

- Linda, Santa Cruz, CA.

Amazing event and I am so very, very proud of you. I got so teary at the bathroom scene with the cd--not only Mike's expression but mostly yours--that total gratification of knowing that you were doing the ultimate mitzvah (at the time you would not know how far this project would and will go). Let Mike be the poster boy for this cause. He is the perfect candidate for showing how proper meds  and loving support can  be the perfect cocktail for a meaningful life. Right now, it seems like your family can be buoyed by the bits of hope that this movie project has revealed. Hopefully others will do the same.

- Love Andrea, Santa Cruz, CA.  

...the audience was so obviously moved and loving towards Mike, I loved being part of that audience, hearing everyone else laugh, murmur, agree with him, enjoy his music, it was all really moving. I loved seeing it and hearing it in this big professional venue too. My Jim said he was crying through it, remembering Nate, but for me this time it was happier.

- Carol, Santa Cruz, Ca.  

Dear Lisa, I just have to tell you how great I think this film is.  My son has struggled for 15 years with issues that led to homelessness and drug addiction.  Clearly, as with my son, Mike was fortunate to be born into a family that never gave up.  The film did not show the toll it takes on the family but I know how devastating that part of the disease is.  I could feel the love and gentleness and kindness Mike's family was able to hold on to. Congratulations on a beautiful project. His music is brilliant!

- Barbara, Santa Cruz, CA.

LIsa, I had tears in my eyes many times, but especially when your brother heard his music for the first time.  I look forward to talking to you about this. You did an amazing job and I admire you for you devotion and talent.

- Marsha, Santa Cruz, Ca.

Hi Lisa, I so enjoyed your film. What a wonderful story of love and commitment to Mike. I was so taken by his music. I look forward to any new arrangements. His lyrics are so creative and unique. Continue the hard work, it has been so worth it. I look forward to seeing you soon.

- Phyllis Pena, Sacramento, Ca